How to Cut Quarter Round Without a Miter Saw? Best Alternatives in 2023

Cut Quarter Round Without a Miter Saw

Quarter round? You might not be familiar with this word if you aren’t a professional woodworker. Don’t panic! This guide is for beginners as well as professionals.

A quarter-round refers to a three-sided wood piece with two straight sides and one curved side. It’s usually installed at the base of your wall to fill the gap between baseboards and the floor.

As far as its cutting is concerned, it’s super easy with a miter saw compared to any other tool. If you don’t have a miter saw at that moment, you may go for some other means.

If you’re willing to know the alternatives, you must read this article to the end. Without further ado, let’s move toward our main debate. You would get to know some other options of miter saw in this concern.

Material Required for Cutting Quarter Rounds

Like any other project, it would also need some basic tools. If you are using any of the alternatives, you have to keep these crucial objects. Some of them are listed down.

● A measuring tape

● Woodworking pencil

● A speed square

● An angle finder

● Clamps

● Cutting Tool( miter box, circular saw, hand saw, table saw, etc.)

Cutting Quarter Rounds with a Hand Saw

If we talk about substitutes for a miter saw for cutting quarter rounds, a hand saw is quite preferable among them. Although you may use it even if you are a beginner, it would take some time to become an expert.

You may use a hack saw or a coping saw to make cuts at 45 degrees. Let’s shift towards its exact step-by-step instructions to make you master it.

● The first and foremost thing is to get the perfect size of the quarter round. A variety of sizes is available in the market, but typically it is available in 8 and 16 feet pieces. Be certain to make the right choice; it’s key to making your task even easier and flawless.

● The next step is to measure the length of the baseboard with the help of a measuring tape.

● Mark the needed wood by considering this measurement.

● One of the most critical steps is marking the angle. You may use an angle finder or a speed square for this purpose. It would be best to have 90 and 45 degrees angles for quarter rounds.

● It’s time to place the quarter-round piece on the floor. You have to put it in such a way that the flat side is kept downward.

● Let’s do the final step. It’s cutting the quarter round with a hand saw. Make sure to move the saw pretty carefully. Move the saw along the pencil line to get great output.

Be careful to follow every step with great supervision. A small error may result in damaging your entire wood piece and hard work. Moreover, you can’t afford any gaps in placing the quarter rounds; it would make your walls look quite awful.

Cutting Quarter Rounds with a Circular Saw

Apart from the hand saw, you may also use a circular saw for cutting quarter rounds. The use of a circular saw for cutting quarter rounds is quite tricky compared to baseboards due to the former’s small size.

You would get simply amazing results by accomplishing every step pretty carefully. All the steps of this task are listed down. Be careful while reading and following them to get 45-degree angled cuts.

● First of all, use a measuring tape to measure the length of the needed wood. Make sure to draw an exact line on one side of the quarter round.

● It’s time to hold the wood piece. You may use a clamp to keep the mold in place. Otherwise, it may diminish the accuracy of your work.

● It’s your turn to prepare your circular saw for the most crucial step. All you need is to select the right blade for your saw and place it in the saw. You may go for a blade with 60 or more teeth.

● The next thing is to manage the setup of the blade and wood. Be careful with setting the depth of the blade. Make damn sure that the blade is less deep than ¼ inch than the width of the quarter round.

● Let’s begin the most crucial phase of the project. It’s time to make the required cuts. Although it’s pretty easy to get straight cuts, you may use a speed square for angled cuts. It would assist you in getting perfect angled cuts.

How to Cut Quarter Rounds with a Miter Box?

Source: Youtube

Let’s move forward to know another way to get quarter rounds. It’s quite easy and interesting to use as compared to circular saw and hand saw.

You would get fine cuts just by knowing its proper usage. It would do best in making 45 degrees angled cuts. Now, I’m going to show you its fair use.

● Start this procedure by using a measuring tape and a pencil. Use tape to measure the length of the wood piece and a pencil to mark the line. Draw a line on one side of the quarter-round.

● When it comes to starting cutting, the miter box is much more distinct than any other saw. All you need is to take the wood piece to cut and place it inside the miter box.

● The next thing is to place the blade precisely. It should be placed in such a way as to cut at a 45-degree angle.

● Finally, it’s time to begin the cutting wood piece along the marked line. Following lines properly would ensure flawless corners.

Final Words

This article teaches you to cut quarter rounds even if there is no miter saw. You are provided with three different alternatives to the miter saw.

You would surely get perfect cuts like a pro just by following every point with great attention. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the method that suits your skills and resources.

I hope you will obtain the best-angled cuts with enormous ease and fun!

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