Why Dewalt Miter Saw Not Working: DIY Fixing and Troubleshooting (2023)

Dewalt Miter Saw Not Working

The last thing you need when working on a project around the house is for your tools to break down. If your DeWalt miter saw is malfunctioning, it can be annoying and slow you down on the job.

Don’t panic, though; with a little troubleshooting and quick fixes, you can quickly get your DeWalt miter saw working again.

In this post, we’ll look at why your DeWalt miter saw not working, discuss a few common issues that can prevent it from working, and offer some solutions.

This is a guide you won’t want to miss, whether you’re a seasoned DIY veteran or brand-new to the world of home renovation.

Diagnosing Issues with a DeWalt Miter Saw

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If you take a few simple steps, troubleshooting a DeWalt miter saw can be a straightforward task.

Initially, confirm that the saw is plugged in correctly and is getting electricity. If the saw still won’t switch on, you might need to make sure the fuse or circuit breaker is operating properly.

Next, look inside the saw for any broken or loose components. This could refer to the blade, the belt, or other moving components.

Check to see that these parts are secure and in good shape. You might need to replace the damaged parts if you see any wear or damage.

After doing these checks, if the saw is still not operating correctly, you might wish to refer to the owner’s manual or contact DeWalt customer support for additional help.

You might also look online for solutions and ideas for troubleshooting your particular model of DeWalt miter saw.

If you can’t fix the problem yourself, you may need to take the saw to a place where professionals fix things.

Here are a few additional tips for troubleshooting miter saw problems:

  • Ensure that the blade is fastened and properly aligned. Accuracy and cutting performance might be affected by a loose or misaligned blade.
  • Examine the blade’s actual condition. To make accurate cuts, a dull or damaged blade may need to be replaced.
  • Check the fence of the miter saw to make sure it is straight and stable. An uneven or shaky fence can result in poor cuts. There can be a problem with the motor or the bearings if the saw is producing odd noises or vibrating excessively. These components may require professional inspection or replacement.
  • If you are having problems with the power or speed of the miter saw, look for any damage in the power cord and extension cord (if applicable). Make sure the cord is plugged in securely and is in no way torn or damaged.

When fixing problems with a miter saw, you should always follow the safety rules, which include unplugging the saw and putting on your safety gear.

Dewalt Miter Saw Not Working Due to Circuit Breaker Tripping

One potential problem that could be causing your DeWalt miter saw blade problems is a tripped circuit breaker. A power spike, a circuit that is overloaded, a saw issue, or any number of other things may be to blame.

Start by unplugging the saw and checking the circuit breaker box to see whether the breaker has tripped in order to troubleshoot this issue. If it has, try starting the saw again after resetting the breaker.

If the breaker trips a second time, there might be a problem with the saw’s engine or another part that is overloading the circuit.

There might be another problem at hand if the breaker is not tripped but the saw is still not operating properly.

In some cases, you may need to take the saw to a qualified repair shop for a more thorough checkup and maintenance.

DIY Tips for Miter Saw Repair

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Miter saws are important tools for many carpentry and woodworking jobs, so it’s important to keep them in good working order.

While it’s always a good idea to get expert assistance if your miter saw is giving you serious problems, there are certain straightforward maintenance and repair jobs that you can perform on your own.

Regular maintenance, like lubricating and cleaning the saw’s moving parts, can help prevent problems and make the tool last longer.

You can maintain your saw in good working order for a number of jobs in the future with a little bit of knowledge and some simple tools.


There are a few actions you can take to troubleshoot and perhaps fix a problem with your DeWalt miter saw if it is giving you trouble.

Start by looking for simple problems like a power shortage or loose or damaged parts. If doing these checks does not cure the problem, you might need to refer to the owner’s manual or get in touch with DeWalt customer support.

For more complicated problems and fixes, you may need to take the saw to a professional repair shop.

You can keep your DeWalt miter saw running well for all of your woodworking tasks by following these troubleshooting procedures and carrying out routine maintenance.


How do you get a miter saw out of a locked position?

You might try manually moving the blade with a set of pliers or a wrench to free a locked miter saw. If this does not solve the problem, there might be a mechanical problem with the saw’s gears or motor that needs more investigation and perhaps expert repair.

When trying to move a miter saw that is stuck or locked, always follow the safety rules, like turning off the saw and putting on safety gear.

How do I get my Dewalt miter saw to go up and down?

Before you can use the blade elevation crank or handle to raise or lower the blade on a DeWalt miter saw, you must first release the blade lock lever.

Before operating the saw, make sure the blade lock lever is securely tightened once more.

How do I adjust the blade bevel on my DeWalt miter saw?

On a DeWalt miter saw, you have to release the bevel lock lever before you can use the bevel adjustment crank or handle to tilt the blade to the right angle.

Before using the saw, be careful to tighten the bevel lock lever once again to guarantee that the blade is stable and won’t move while being used.










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