Cordless Vs Corded Miter Saw | Which One Is Better and When? (2023)

Cordless Vs Corded Miter Saw

A miter saw is a specific instrument that allows you to make cuts at an assortment of points. The saw has an edge mounted on a swing arm that turns left or right to deliver calculated cuts.

Typically, it is a saw used to make exact crosscuts and miters in a workpiece by placing a mounted edge aboard. A miter found in its earliest structure was made out of a back found in a miter box.

However, in the current application, it consists of an electrically charged round saw that can be placed at an inclination of points and brought down onto a board situated against a barrier called the wall.

Cordless vs Corded Miter Saw

Yet, long as you are worried about woodcutting, you will have different yet useful options in the market that might suit your requirements. Thus, focus on the one you must select while beginning another task or picking a miter saw for your working environment. With its sharp and round edges, this essential miter saw comes in two kinds: corded miter saw and cordless miter saws.

There are a few distinctions between corded miter saws and cordless miter saws. Each of the two types has some advantages and disadvantages. Through this article, you’ll come across the key specs of each miter saw.

Cordless Miter Saw


● Portability

Portability is an important characteristic of this miter saw. A cordless miter saw is portable. It can be taken anywhere at any time.

Usually, they can be used anywhere because they run on battery power. You can take them with you when you need to make cuts in different spots around your home.

● Power

Cordless miter saws prove to be useful when you want an instrument to be versatile or don’t have an outlet close by. They’re likewise perfect for occupations around the house where a huge, strong corded model would simply hinder you.

Cordless models will quite often run-on battery, which makes them less strong than corded ones. Yet, they normally keep sufficiently going to take care of business.

● Cost

Cordless models are comparatively less expensive and easier to use than corded miter saws. They’re a lot lighter and helpful battery measures. Some even have laser directs that make it simple to follow a cutting line.

● Weight

These models as a rule weigh not exactly corded ones. They have a weight less than the corded miter saw, which is a benefit on the off chance that you’re working in restricted spaces like inside your home or studio.

● Space needed

The capacity limit with respect to cordless renditions is likewise higher in light of the fact that there’s less space taken up by links. While with electric models generally take up a considerable amount of room in your studio on the off chance that you need more warehouses around it.


● It is the fact that they are portable and can be taken anywhere, yet they are not intended to cut weighty materials.

● They are really great for cutting wood, plastic, compressed wood, and medium-sized amble. They are not appropriate for cutting bigger parts of wood, drywall, metal, or stone.

● Must be re-energized or charged up after a specific measure of time. This can become disruptive in the event that you don’t goal ahead and neglect to charge it.

Corded Miter Saw


● Size selection

A corded miter saw is a principal selection if you manage greater testing projects. It is on the grounds that it has mind-blowing power with limitless applications. For instance, a corded miter saw permits you to pick the size of your saw and edge, which then, at that point, assists you with precisely cutting the size of the log you need.

● Power

A corded miter saw, otherwise called a corded roundabout saw, is a unique miter saw controlled by an electric source. So, it can be utilized anyplace there is an electrical plug; this opens the opportunities for where and when you can utilize it.

Moreover, with a corded miter saw, you can appreciate impeccably custom-fitted workpieces. It has more power than cordless models. Therefore, contingent on the voltage, some can give up to 20 amps or more.

Pick a corded miter and check whether you don’t need your miter saw to warm up while taking care of additional critical undertakings. It has a greater amount of ability to deal with the most difficult and trickier workpieces.

● Cost

Generally, it is less expensive than cordless models and accompanies worked-in stands and residue sacks which makes them more helpful.

● Weight

As the cordless miter saw is lighter and simpler to deal with than the cordless model. Consequently, it can also be used with one hand.


● It needs to utilize an additional string, which can be awkward while working in the yard or elsewhere there isn’t an outlet close by.

● It has a restricted battery duration

● Cordless models generally give additional time prior to waiting to be re-energized.

● It can’t be utilized on the off chance that there isn’t an electrical plug close by – they should be connected.

● This can be an issue in the event that you want to carry the saw to one more piece of the house or use it outside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Describe the major difference between the corded miter saw and the cordless miter saw.

A cordless power device need not bother with any wiring so you can work anyplace to wherever approach the power source. Then again, a corded power device will require an electric inventory with a steady stockpile of 120 volts to make them usable.

2. Which Miter Saw is more viable for cutting hardwood?

Both corded and cordless miter saws are viable with most materials like wood, plastic, and metal. You want to pick the right kind of cutting-edge for your task. For example, it very well may be a sharp edge with 60 or 80 teeth for hardwood like pressed wood, and covers, a carbide tip sharp edge for slender metal sheet cutting like aluminum.

3. Which miter saw is still preferred?

Despite the many uses of cordless miter saws, still, people prefer to use the corded miter saw as it is accurate, and has better durability. Plus, it is dependable and much cheaper.


Everything relies upon what sort of ventures you intend to do and the climate in which you’ll work.

Cordless models can be less solid as far as remaining charged, it’s harder on their motors. In any case, corded ones have strong lines that never hit a wall so you realize there’ll continuously be sufficient power for your ventures.

However, always consider the sort of tasks you’ll do with the miter saw. The corded models are all the more impressive yet require an outlet. Whereas, cordless ones have less power and must be re-energized after a specific measure of time. This ought to assist with restricting things.

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