How to Cut Baseboard with a Miter Saw in 5 Steps (2023)

How to Cut Baseboard with a Miter Saw

You may need baseboards while you are constructing or renovating your home, office, etc. Its most crucial aspect is its cutting. Although there is a large variety of tools to cut down a baseboard in the market, a miter saw is the best option. It would do great in doing so.

You must be wondering, “how do you slash baseboards exactly?”. But you don’t have to worry, I’m here to provide you with a complete step-by-step guide to know its whole procedure. There can be diverse corners and sides to cut down. Therefore, you have to understand the requirements pretty surely before starting your task.

Let’s start without any further ado!

Required Items to Cut Baseboard

Following is the list of the things you may need during this entire treatment.

  • A compound miter saw
  • A woodworking blade
  • A woodworking pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask

Step-by-Step Guide to Cut Baseboard with a Miter Saw

Let’s start the most significant discussion which involves everything from selection and measurement to cutting of the baseboard.

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1. Take Measurements

All you need is to have a measuring tape and a woodworking pencil during this step. It’s the first and foremost thing to do. You may need baseboards of various shapes. Taking an accurate measurement is the first step to ensuring a perfectly cut baseboard.

You may get the measurement by using a measuring tape. Make sure to check out the measurement 2 to 3 times to avoid any errors. You may mark the baseboard with a pencil. Be careful to draw complete lines on both sides of the baseboard where you want it to be secured. Remember to mark it from one end to the other.

Moreover, you may get a throat opening by drawing two parallel lines which may intersect at the front of your miter saw.

2. Leveling the Saw and Right Blade

Next thing is to balance the position of your miter saw and to get a perfect blade. Make it pretty sure to place the saw on a level surface to get accurate and regular cuts. You have to use a woodworking blade. You may get it from any hardware store to retain perfect cuts. These blades are specifically formulated for cutting wood. Be aware of the damages of skipping any of these steps.

3. Adjust the Angle and Miter Guide

It’s the game-changing point of the entire work. This time you have to adjust the required angle for cutting. This angle would decide the nature of cuts. The desired angle can be 45 or even more than 45 degrees. 45 degrees usually works at the corner to attach and fit two pieces there. Likewise, 90 degrees mostly operate straight cuts.

When it comes to the miter guide, you only have to place it parallel to the blade and lock it in its position. Make sure to leave a gap of ¾ inch between them. This gap would maintain a sturdy look.

4. Place the Baseboard and Start Cutting

It’s time to place your baseboard on the cutting table. One end of the baseboard should touch the fence which is away from the cutting point. Be sure to drag your board faultlessly and clearly to get perfect cuts.

After you have adjusted everything, it’s time to switch on your compound miter saw. Be careful with its work. Keep your eye on its rotating blade to ensure perfect work. If anything goes false, make sure to turn off the saw immediately and fix it before using it the next time.

5. Remove Extra Stuff

After you have accomplished cutting your board, it’s time to remove any mess to avoid any discomfort. If any portion of the board’s end stays uncut, you may use a chisel or any other woodworking tool to remove it. It would help you to prevent any splintering.

Moreover, make sure to remove any sawdust which may be stuck to the back corners of the baseboard.

Types of Baseboard Cuts

Numerous types of cuts are obtained on baseboards by using a miter saw. This type may vary with the requirements and angle of cutting. Let’s discuss some of the important types of cuts.

1. Inner Corner Cuts

If you are preparing a baseboard for a room, it must contain four inner corner cuts. You have to set the bevel angle to 45 degrees and the miter to 0 degrees. Once everything is in place, use one hand to hold the handle of the saw and the other to hold the board firmly. It’s time to turn on the saw and move the blade into the wood thoroughly. Keep the blade going through it until you obtain perfect cuts. Further, be careful to apply moderate stress.

2. Outer Corner Cuts

Keep in mind to cut the outer corners first while cutting a baseboard. The measurements for the bevel angle and miter angle are the same as for the inner corners. Moreover, you have to cut them in such a way that the front side would be slightly longer than the backside. It would help you to join the corners. Don’t apply unnecessary pressure.

3. Square Cuts

Square cuts are far easiest to get. They involve straight cuts rather than angled ones. Then arrange those straight baseboards in the form of squares to establish an upright joint.

While talking about its cutting angles, the bevel angle is managed to 0 degrees and the miter is balanced to a 90-degree angle.

Safety Measures

A miter saw is a pretty dangerous and vigorous tool. Any negligence may result in a hazardous situation. Therefore, you have to follow some protection regulations to avoid any accidental circumstances. Here are the various important tips for you to work with a miter saw.

  • Be clear to work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Must wear glasses to prevent the eyes from wood chips and sawdust.
  • Keep the saw’s handle turned to make it move freely.
  • Make sure to keep your hair tied and on the back.
  • Make it pretty sure to don’t hold a blade or saw while working.
  • Turn off the saw whenever adjusting any angle.
  • Be careful to check the blades before use.

Wrapping Up

A compound miter saw works more flawlessly than an ordinary saw. It may help you for various purposes. It would bring great ease to you for cutting baseboards in woodwork. You may get any kind of cut with this saw.

At last, you are provided with a complete description of its work. You may get enough information from the above-mentioned article to cut baseboards yourself without any reluctance. Have a successful working with this amazing tool!

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