How Many amps Does a Miter Saw Use? Facts 2023

How Many amps Does a Miter Saw Use

Miter saws are typical devices in many homes. In the expert world, they’re likewise used by craftsmen and workers to cut wood or metal. Miter saws consume the range of 10 and 16 amps, relying on the kind of saw and engine power. Some miter saws require fewer amps which usually are cordless.

Property holders must realize that utilizing their miter saw at home can consume as much power as running ten new coolers simultaneously. The typical family will regularly use roughly 1-2 kWh of energy each hour while working on a miter saw. That may not seem like a lot all alone.

Yet if you consider the way that your family presumably is as of now. While using a miter saw for a significant period, your service bill will go up.

How Many Amps Is a Small Workshop?

A small workshop might have a ton of tools. But, removing the residue and flotsam and jetsam they make won’t be sufficient to over-burden an RV electrical plug. A single 15A circuit can deal with up to 10 amps; thus, your small or convenient workshop can utilize only one device at any time.

Yet, if you have more than one machine that consumes up to 3 amps. Then it’s good to have a second 15A circuit in your workshop. So you can connect two devices regardless of leaving space for different errands without tripping any breakers or stunning yourself.

You want a 20 amp circuit for two 3 amp instruments, not just because it leaves space for different tasks. Two small devices can draw more current than the 15-amp circuit. The subsequent circuit permits running both at total amperage without tripping the breaker. It likewise forestalls the chance of a fire if one of the devices is deficient.

How Much Power Does a Miter Saw Use?

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Miter saws are utilized frequently, perfect for cutting cross-grain and mitering cuts. They can be connected to the fundamental power source if you have many machines to run, yet the vast majority use them with dedicated circuits.

Whereas, ensure that your circuit is appraised at 15 amps or more. The saw will draw a great deal of power if connected to an outlet with under 15 amps. In a small workshop, you must have a 20 amp circuit. Hence, both miter saws can work without tripping the breaker or harming anything in the workshop.

How Many Amps Does a Dewalt Miter Saw Use?

The solution to this question isn’t that simple in light of the various elements. To begin with, you want to know how much voltage you give your miter saw. It may very well be 115 volts like in the US or 230 volts like in Europe. Furthermore, you need to pick the right Blade for your specific model and if it’s a corded or cordless model.

While working with a corded miter saw, you can work out the most extreme power utilization to be around 1.7 times voltage increased by amps each moment (for instance, 115 x 1.7 = 218 Watts). If the voltage is 230 and Blade expects around 4500 RPM. Then the most significant power utilization would be around 325 Watts, which isn’t much power(for the model, a 60W light consumes about 325 watts).

Additionally, note that more incredible blades will quite often consume more power. For instance, a 10-inch blade requires much more power than an 8-inch one. Along these lines, you ought to continuously check the most excessive amperage on your miter saw before connecting a significant blade.

The number of amps that a miter saw uses is further difficult to answer because of how much current is expected by your devices. It, for the most part, relies on how much power your instruments are consuming throughout the time.

If you use it, for instance, for 60 minutes, this will be determined as a measure of current duplicated by running time (for example, 220 x an hour).

To determine how much power, you need to change it over into watts initially and afterward increase amps by voltage (for instance, 220 x 115 = 262 Watts).

A few specific models could assist with understanding the number of amps that a miter saw used. So we should begin with a Dewalt DWE7491RS model, for instance. It’s a 14-inch, double-bevel sliding compound miter saw with a max limit of 1000 watts.

Does a 15 Amp Saw Draw 15 Amps?

The answer is no. But, why?

As we as a whole know, power = voltage x amperes. A 1500-watt machine (1000 watts of force) utilizes ten amps when associated with 120 volts of supply. Essentially, a 2500-watt device (2000 watts of power) uses 16.5 amps when associated with 220V. So if not long previously connecting the saw, the meter shows that there is 120V. And in the wake of connecting the saw, the voltage drops to 104V, implying that 16.5 amps go through this apparatus when connected.

In short, a Miter Saw utilizes 10 to 16 amps of current while running on a 220v stockpile. That is the reason you should have a base 10 amp 240v circuit. If you run the saw at 120 volts, then it utilizes four amps of current and requires just a 2-3 amp single shaft breaker.

If one is exceptionally cautious while perusing this article, it’s plausible for him to ask why I didn’t specify this giant recipe as ‘E =I x R’ or ‘E = I2R’. The response is that this recipe becomes an integral factor just when you are managing resistors and not with inductors.

To work out power, you want to duplicate 3.4324 x 230 and afterward partition by an hour (the standard incentive for 60 minutes). The response would be around 115 watts.

So, if we expect the Blade to utilize a similar measure of the force with one pass, use it. As a result, you will find it working for an hour on a single day. Then this will be around 115 Watts x an hour = 7.05KWh daily.

Miter Saw Being a DC Motor

A Miter Saw is a DC engine that utilizes curls as an inductor (likewise goes about as a resistor) to create an attractive field. Each wire in such a curl has an innate property of self-inductance, and this property causes a voltage drop across the wire. The larger the quantity of loops is equal, the less the voltage will be dropped; thus large the current.

Miter Saw Coils and Current Usage Breakdown

In a Miter Saw arrangement, we utilize 4-5 curls for driving every DC engine [each one having its own sets of brushes]. These loops are kept in attractive pairs of long-lasting magnets. Each set of brushes has a different pitch curl and delivers an attractive pitch. Consequently, the current prompted in the engines’ loops will amount to getting the all-out current.

The above representation is about a low-power (low-speed) saw with 2-3 loops for every engine and four engines. As a result of the even current dispersion of each engine, an enormous current is drawn.

The complete number of curls = 4 x 3 = 12 loops are utilized, and its voltage drop will be almost equivalent to the all-out supply voltage. Thus, the current expected by this arrangement turns out to be not precisely the singular engine’s current or the loop’s current.

On low-power (low-speed) miter saws, when you utilize more than one engine, you’ll get less voltage drop per curl. However, it will draw a more considerable current from the inventory.

In high-power (high velocity) miter saws, there are 6-7 curls for each engine. The ongoing draw is enormous to keep away from a vast voltage drop per loop.

Because of a powerful miter saw with 6-7 curls, the drawing current will be almost twice. Or perhaps more than that of low-power/speed miter saws. Therefore, for this situation, you’ll require a bigger inventory circuit. It possibly makes a point to choose a breaker of 20 amps.


Can I Run a 15 Amp Saw on a 20-Amp Circuit?

The answer is Yes because the ongoing drawn by a miter saw is 16 amps at 220v and 10 to 13 amps at 120V.

What will occur if I utilize a 20-amp circuit for Miter Saw?

If you draw more than 16 Amps from your stock, then the voltage across the circuit will drop to around 105 volts. To dispose of this, you can utilize 240v (if accessible) or increase the average of your circuit.


A Miter Saw utilizes 16 amps while running on a 220v stockpile. 10 to 13 amps while running at 120v. However, ensure your electrical switch isn’t under 10-amp, which can be a 15-amp breaker or 20-amp breaker.



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