What is a Dual Bevel Miter Saw and How to Use it? Beginners Guide in 2023

Dual Bevel Miter Saw

Miter saws are primarily found in carpentry shops. They are simple to use and fast to cut. They make photo placements, manage windows, and many different ventures.

Yet, in this article, we will be discussing dual bevel miter saw. Have you heard of them before? If not, let me clear you up!

A double-bevel miter saw can tilt to both left and right, allowing you to bevel in both orientations. Fortunately, it does so without flipping the workpiece, which is good news for most professionals.

Typically, the miter saw standard cutting point is 90 degrees. In any case, both single and double-slope miter saws permit you to make slant cuts. They are cuts that are along with the material’s thickness at a point other than 90 degrees.

For further details, let’s dive into the article.

What is a Dual Bevel miter saw?

With the dual-bevel, the saw head can pivot on support towards both the right and the left. You can make indistinguishable slant cuts in your workpiece without turning your material around.

Dual Bevel miter saws permit you to make exact and uniform cuts on the two sides of your workpiece. It likewise makes the occupation simpler and speedier, as you can make quick cuts even on longer workpieces. For workers or dedicated specialists, a dual bevel miter saw will work on your work process and skill.

Upsides and Downsides of Dual Bevel Miter Saw


Numerous expert workers for hire and high-level carpenters favor twofold incline miter saws. On the off chance that you’re a more experienced craftsperson, here are the advantages of a dual bevel miter saw;

  • Take on more work

With a dual bevel miter saw, you can take on extra tasks. This is useful for crown shaping undertakings and different activities with trim.

  • Make exact cuts

The saw head permits you to make more exact matching cuts on the two sides of the workpiece, working on the nature of your work.

  • Effectiveness

Don’t bother turning materials; you have to pivot the saw head

  • Quicker

Working with the dual-bevel miter saw is a pretty quick process.



  • More confounded to utilize

Dual bevel miter saws have greater capacities, making them more disarranged and not good for the layperson. Regularly the activities where these are generally useful, for example, crown shaping as referenced above, are not layman carpentry projects.

  • Cost

Two or three hundred bucks more than single bevel miter saws.

How To Use a Dual Bevel Miter Saw?

The dual bevel miter saws permit you to make slope cuts with accuracy and exactness on the two sides of your material. The productivity of your work is improved by utilizing a double-slant miter saw.

  • After cautious estimation and assurance of the ideal point, most frequently 45-degree cuts, you’ll lay your piece on the track bed of the saw with the finish to be cut lined up with the cut line.
  • Then, you’ll turn, or slope, the saw head to the ideal point on either the right or left half of the cut line.
  • Find your action mark, power on, and make your cut.
  • Drop the board down the track bed, and pivot the saw head to the opposite side at the ideal point. Find your action mark, power on, and make your cut.

There is a compelling reason need to flip the board, and this is significant. While you can make your required cuts with a single incline miter saw, it will require greater investment to make less exact cuts.

Which Blades are Suitable for a Dual-bevel Miter Saw?

Whether you utilize a single or a double miter saw, the nature of your work relies upon the right sort of sharp edge. Miter saws are flexible carpentry instruments that you can use with an angle of roundabout saw edges. Here is a part of your best saw sharp edge choices to use with a miter saw:

Crosscut sharp edge

Miter saws are intended for crosscutting, which is the reason your miter saw needs a decent crosscut sharp edge. For best cross-cutting results, pick an edge with a high tooth count.

Mix sharp edge

If you use different materials other than a blunder, then, at that point, a mixed edge is a decent choice. Blend cutting edges permit you to do smooth cuts in materials other than amble.

Comparison between single and dual bevel miter saw

The contrast between a single and double slant miter saw is that a single slope saw can cut an angle in one direction. A dual bevel miter saw can turn to the left or right, making it conceivable to cut an angle in the two directions. Here are some distinctions;

  • Cutting points

The significant distinction between the single bevel miter saw and the dual bevel miter saw is the cutting point. With the single slope miter saw, the cuts can be made in one course while with a double incline miter saw, it goes two different ways.

The cuts utilizing the single-angle miter saw can either be on the right or left. However, with the dual bevel miter saw the cuts should be possible on both the left and right.

  • Usefulness

With the single-angle miter saw, you should flip the stock over to permit cuts on every one of the sides. You should keep up with precision while slicing the planned points to guarantee a uniform cut.

In contrast, the twofold angle miter saw doesn’t need flipping while making incline cuts. This miter saw makes coordinating cuts on the two sides conceivable.

  • Turning

Turning is a significant perspective to consider while cutting with a miter saw. The single slant miter saw turns to the left. It ought to be noticed that this is the point at which the client is confronting the machine. It can’t go past 90 degrees vertically.

On the other hand, the twofold slope miter saw turns in the two bearings when the client is confronting the machine. There is no limit on cutting points with this saw. Moreover, the stock remaining parts are situated while making inverse slants.

Similarities Between both saws

While these apparatuses have a few vital contrasts in their usefulness, they are alike too.

  • Turn on a hub to empower the cutting of the planned points.
  • They both make slanted and miter cuts
  • They cut at a similar profundity – which would be the profundity of the sharp edge
  • In a nutshell, both do the same job in an alternate style.

Bottom Line

In the end, you are pretty aware of the worth of double-bevel miter saws. They allow professionals to deal with wood cutting quite effectively. Additionally, it accelerates your workflow and makes your job much easier. However, if comparing the dual-bevel with a single-bevel miter saw, we may conclude that dual-bevel miter saws are the better option.


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